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How to set/change google authentication?
1. To set or modify your two-factor authentication, go to 'Account & Security'. In this section, you can set or change your email, SMS or Google Authentication two-factor authentications.
2. Two-factor authentication can be: Email/SMS Authentication + Google Authentication.
Google Authentication (PC/APP)
1. PC Version:
* To set your Google authentication, click on "Settings".'
* Then, click on "Send verification code".
* When you click on "Send verification code", you will receive a 6-digit authentication code in your registered email account.
Please remember to check your spam/junk mail.If you still did not receive the authentication email, you may click on "Send verification code" again after 60 seconds.
Then, enter the verification code sent to your registered email address.
Click "Confirm".
* Setup your Google Authenticator App (follow the guide below on setting up Google Authenticator App).
* Input the obtained Google Authenticator code into the "3. Enable Google Two Factor Authentication"
* Setup will be successfully completed.
2. APP Version:
* Go to "My Settings" page and select "Security".
* Under "Security" , select the Google Authentication option.
* Email Authentication will be required, verification email will be sent to your Email.
* The page, will prompt you to install and setup Google Authenticator on your device.
* Add the keys to Google Authenticator app (refer to guide below on how to do so).
* Once you have the Google Authenticator code, input them in your App and you will complete the setup.
Setting up the Google Authenticator App
While staying at this page, please use your smartphone to download the "Google Authenticator" app from either your App store (if you are using IOS) or Play Store (if you are using Android).
After downloading the Google Authenticator app, please open the app, and you will see this page. Please click on the + sign.
1) If you are using a smartphone openingBybit loginpage, you may choose "Manual Entry", and enter the key phrase manually into the Google Authenticator.
For illustration purpose, our key phrase here is "LQ5KTLURXB(example in blue text box)". You may copy and paste your own the key phrase into the Google Authenticator.
2) For Scan barcode, you may choose "Scan Barcode" on Google Authenticatorand scan it.
Please note that the 6-digit code that appear on Google Authenticator only be valid for30seconds, please ensure that you have entered the code while it is still valid. Otherwise, please wait for the new 6-digit code to be generated thereafter..
Click "Confirm", and your Google Authentication has been set up successfully.
*Note: To enable recovery/reset your Google Authenticator, please write down and safe-keep the key phrase after successful binding of your Google Authenticator.Bybit login will not be able to assist you with the recovery of your Google Authenticator if you are unable to provide this key phrase.